About Us

Brooklyn Laudry #1 Laundry, and home cleaning business, made in USA since 2015, you can find out about our excursion from the beginning here. Most USA clothing conveyance administrations re-appropriate their client’s garments and cleaning to different laundromats. We are unique! We really do your clothing in-house. We are less expensive than most organic cleaning and clothing pickup administrations. We’ve made a correlation.

Even’s Laundry Service caters to your laundry needs. Our services include Dry-Cleaning, Wash&Fold, Shirts Laundry. We also pick up and deliver free of charge. Whether you need clean linens for your business or clean laundry for your family,

Even’s Laundry Service should be your only choice. Our goal is to make your life easier so we provide you with pickup and delivery.

We offer local pickup and delivery services for all of our services. We understand you are busy and will make sure your dry cleaning, laundry is returned back to you ASAP.